Winnie & Ed’s showroom was launched at the beginning of 2010 by Jeni Elliff. Having spent many years in the fashion industry in the retail, wholesale, pr and marketing arenas, the time felt right.

Having been blessed to work with amazing designers ranging from Jean Paul Gaultier, Alexander McQueen, Helmut Lang, Diesel and the past 7 years as Managing Director successfully rebranding and repositioning the Danish brand, DAY Birger et Mikkelsen.

Our principle is quality over quantity and the showroom is strongly focused on working with brands that can truly give added value. Distribution and brand building is done strategically and with utmost care. The belief is to give exceptional service and represent the brands and the clients with the highest level of excellence.



Winnie & Ed are my grandparents – effortlessly stylish, kind, intelligent and together a fabulous couple. Winnie - ahead of her generation- insisted on working as a PA and Ed was an engineer with impeccable english manners - a very dapper gentlemen. His hobby was carpentry which he was incredibly talented at and Winnie enjoyed fashion, making clothes along with nurturing a beautiful garden. As a child I adored playing dress up especially with her precious jewellery – as a result she had to start hiding it with fear my little fingers would break it. Now my dear Ava Rose has a few bits put to one side for when she is older, she likes all that sparkles like me so now I am the one hiding the jewellery.


Winnie & Ed remain an inspiration to me, even though they are no longer with us.  The showroom is named after them, giving it a heart and a soul and hopefully a depth beyond just being a business.